Privacy Note

Legal basis

Being an enterprise under private law, we have to comply with the German Regulations on Data Protection (BDSG) and the German Tele Media Act (TMG). As a private party we are only allowed to process personal data if permitted or directed by the TMG or any other legal regulation or if approved by the person concerned (Article 12 (1) TMG). We ensure complete compliance with these regulations.

Personal data

Personal data pertains to individual information on personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes information such as name, address, phone number and date of birth. Information that cannot be linked to the identity of the user, e.g. preferred website or number of visitors to a website, is not classified as personal data.

Recording and processing personal data

The websites “” can be visited without having to reveal any personal data. For reasons of system security, the web server temporarily records the connection data of the inquiring computer, the website visited, the date and duration of the session, the identification data of the browser and operating system as well as the website from where the user came to our websites “”. It is not possible to ascertain from this information the identity of an individual user. Other personal data including name of the user, address, phone number or e-mail address will not be recorded. No data will be transferred to a country or territory outside the scope of the European Data Protection Directive. The user has the right, upon request, to be informed about any personal data stored. Added to that, the user may request the correction, blocking and deletion of any incorrect data.


Information gathered and stored during a normal visit to our websites will be used exclusively within the Kampffmeyer Mühlen GmbH. It is not intended to be used for the identification of individual persons except if we have to defend ourselves against attacks that constitute criminal offences or prohibit or otherwise impair the functionality of our websites.


We may use cookies to facilitate the use of the internet and as a means of communication for you and for us. You can manage cookies stored on your computer by configuring your browser’s cookie settings accordingly, e.g. disable cookies or allow them to be set only after with your agreement.

Cookies are small text files (max. size 4 KB). They allow an online provider to store specific, user-related information on the user’s computer. Without this “intermediate storage” for a limited time, information already provided by the user would have to be re-entered in some applications. No unauthorized use or transfer of possible findings will take place and this will not be used against the interest of the persons concerned.

  • A cookie just contains data provided by a server and/or the user upon request. Structure: Information on domain, path, expiration date, cookie name and value.
  • A cookie cannot be used to spy out a hard disk.
  • It cannot carry or execute viruses (at least to today’s knowledge because it uses ASCII text).